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Mandarin Orange Green Tea

Mandarin Orange Green Tea

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Ingredients: Zhen Mei Green Tea with Mandarin Flavor & Orange Peel

Our version of the traditional China Moon tea; Mandarin Orange Green Tea is flavored with the essence of mandarin oranges. In addition to the fruit's strong citrus aroma, mandarin oranges naturally have a vanilla and spicy flavor profile. 

Zhen Mei green tea is native to Fujian Province in East China. Fujian's hilly terrain and climate make for favorable conditions to grow tea. 

A tantalizing cup of freshness, Mandarin Orange Green Tea provides robust flavors and a delightful aroma. Refreshing and delicious, this Green Tea is the perfect way to kickstart your morning - or uplift your afternoon. Enjoy the flavor of nature!

Preparation Guidelines:

Measure: 1/2 teaspoon per 6 oz of water
Water temperature: 170ºF Use spring water, if possible
Infusion: Steep for 3-4 minutes Can be reinfused 2-3 times