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Hem White Sage Incense

Hem White Sage Incense

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White Sage is popularly known to help rid your space of negativity. Experience a journey to a serene place with the fresh, earthy aroma of Hem White Sage Incense. This earthy incense will fill the air with its fresh, calming scent. Enjoy and create a peaceful ambiance of tranquillity when you light up these beautiful sticks of incense!      You can leave more about the usage of White Sage here!

Tea To Pair  - Choosing a tea to pair with the incense fragrance of white sage can be a delightful sensory experience. Since white sage has a strong, earthy, and herbal aroma, you'll want a tea that complements or balances its flavors. Here are a few tea options that could go well with White Sage:

   Herbal Teas:

Chamomile Tea - with its gentle floral notes it can provide a soothing and calming contrast to the earthy scents of white sage.  

Just Peppermint Tea - the refreshing, menthol flavors of peppermint can create a nice contrast to the sage's aroma.  

  Green Teas:  

Jasmine Green Tea - The floral and slightly sweet notes of Jasmine can pair well with the herbal scent of white sage.  

Matcha Green Tea - The umami and earthy qualities of matcha can harmonize with the sage's earthy notes.  

   Fruity Teas:   

Berry Berry -  A fruity herbal tea, the hibiscus and berry blends, can offer a nice contrast to the earthy sage scent.


Scent:  White Sage
Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
Sticks Size: 9" Long
Packaging: 20 sticks per pack
Handmade in India